Centralized Management

A Coordinated Effort to Restore Your Business Quickly

SRM understands that having multiple facilities throughout North America creates additional challenges when it comes to the ongoing management of disaster restoration. We also know that having to coordinate, interpret, and process invoices from a multitude of vendors across U.S. and Canada is not only confusing but also results in lost efficiency due to the various formats, quality, and consistency. We solve these issues by minimizing confusion, reducing stress, and saving you time by utilizing a centralized management system that provides exact consistency and quality on every loss, no matter the location or the size. From a $1,000 toilet overflow in Seattle to a $10M fire in Miami, you can be confident you receive the highest quality service, expert management, and the same invoice format. This consistency maximizes your time and efficiency while providing the best quality service possible.

​Equipped for Major & Minor Recoveries

One aspect that other disaster restoration contractors struggle with is effectively responding to, completing, and managing both large-scale losses and small, everyday damage. Typically, a provider who is large enough to handle large-loss projects is not able to respond to smaller losses that facilities experience much more frequently. This leaves the client struggling to find local coverage. Conversely, contractors who can respond to smaller losses are not equipped to handle large-scale losses.

Neither of these situations was acceptable for SRM, so we worked to engineer the best solution for our clients. We recognized that in order for a solution to truly revolutionize how multi-location restorations of both large and smaller-scale were managed we needed to create a world-class centralized management system. The resulting management system simplifies vendor management, provides a single source provider across all locations and loss sizes and provides easier coordination across locations when an area-wide event impacts multiple facilities. In addition, SRM has extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial insurance claim process. This expertise is utilized on every single loss you may experience no matter what the cause or where the location is.

With SRM by your side, you will always be prepared for the unexpected. Take the first step today toward protecting your properties tomorrow.

Prepare for the Unexpected

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