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Disaster Restoration Services for Hotels, Resorts & More

When disaster strikes your hospitality property, whether it’s the result of a major weather event or a guest setting off the sprinkler system, you need to know that you have a reliable team that can help you quickly recover. ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) is your partner in getting your business restored to its pre-damaged state. We are a commercial disaster restoration company backed by a nationally respected franchise brand with over 65 years of experience. We have over 300 locations throughout the United States and we are ready to respond to our clients for all their restoration needs – whenever or wherever they need us.

The SRM team will assist you with everything from planning for disasters to assessing your property after damage occurs to mitigating and restoring your business quickly to help minimize downtime.

Over the years, we have assisted owners and managers of the following properties:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Convention centers
  • Entertainment venues

Any downtime can be costly for you and your business, and it can disrupt your guests’ experience. Partnering with SRM can help mitigate all of this. We are not just another disaster restoration company that disappears after you sign the contract. We work with you to fully prepare you for any potential disasters and respond the moment something happens.

By Your Side for Large & Small-Scale Problems

Not all commercial property damages result from large-scale disasters. In fact, most commercial business owners and managers experience small-scale damage more frequently. But many restoration companies are equipped for major disasters and either don’t respond to smaller problems or do so with excessive resources that you don’t need – and which you end up paying for. When you have isolated damage on your property, SRM is available to assist you with this just as we would be if a fire, flood, or hurricane struck your business.

The Leading Provider of Commercial Restoration

If you own or manage a hospitality property, you understand the importance of providing outstanding customer experiences. If you want your customers to return, you must impress them with your services. At SRM, we feel the same way. We build lasting relationships with our customers by being there for them during their most difficult times. SRM is more than just a restoration company – we are your partner in protecting your property today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

To learn more about our recovery management services for hospitality facilities, reach out to us at (844) 993-0527.

Helping People
Like You Get Back
to Business
  • “Your support of Miami‚Äôs crew during this disaster recovery period will have lasting effects not only onboard Miami, but to our Navy and our Nation.”

    - CMDR R.E. Meyer, Commanding Officer USS Miami (SSN 755)

  • “If it had not been for the team effort of SRM the hospital would have been closed.”

    - Darrin Ivey, Director of Support Services, Biloxi Regional Medical Center

  • “It is without hesitation I recommend SRM for disaster recovery services.”

    - Bob Currie, Director of Facility Services, Iowa State University

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Providing Advanced Weather Notifications

One of the aspects of our services that sets SRM apart from others in our industry is our proactive approach to pre-loss planning. We don’t merely wait until disaster strikes to get to work. We do everything we can to prepare you for the worst. SRM Partners will benefit from our advanced weather notifications, which will alert you of potentially damaging weather in your vicinity. This system combines advanced weather monitoring technology and sophisticated communication tools to provide our clients customized updates via email or phone.

Advanced weather notifications are just one of the features of our convenient smartphone app, which is exclusively available to all of our SRM Partners. Other features include:

  • News updates
  • Helpful tips
  • Business resources
  • One-touch connection to our emergency call center

Our weather notifications and mobile app are just two more reasons why we are a step above other restoration companies. We also offer equipment and resource staging, centralized management, and so much more.

SRM mobile app mockup.
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