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  • The Pentagon
    The Pentagon
    350 SRM personnel were mobilized and aided the Pentagon recovery following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Thanks to around the clock work, the remediation and clean up of 5 million square feet was completed in 2 months.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Response
    COVID-19 Pandemic Response

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SRM was able to service clients across the country due to our proven processes and ability to adapt to changing situations. Our centralized management and expertise related to disaster situations allowed us to coordinate preventative cleaning and confirmed case disinfection services for our clients, often providing same day service. While it is impossible to plan for every possible disaster, the systems and expertise SRM has built allow us to be prepared for any situation.

    • 20,000+ Commercial Covid-19 Decontamination Projects
    • 50 States
    • 400+ Commercial Clients
    • 200+ Commercial Responders
    • Commercial Sectors – Retail, Education, Government,
    HealthCare, Senior Living, Multifamily, Hospitality,
    Office Space, Manufacturing, Warehouses

  • Iowa State University
    Iowa State University
    Despite flooding that damaged 17 facilities and 52 buildings, including sensitive areas such as museum collections, athletic facilities, and residence halls, SRM was able to restore the Iowa State campus in time for the start of the fall semester.
  • Hurricane Harvey Hospital Flooding
    Hurricane Harvey Hospital Flooding
    A large hospitality customer received 16 feet of water over a 6-hour period flooding the lower and main levels. SRM was positioned at this venue prior to Hurricane Harvey to ensure immediate response. SRM assisted in stabilizing the property even before the water receded. Providing on-site security, temporary lighting, and transportation resources for the location staff/guests. Once water levels lowered SRM worked with the customer to create a strategy to manage the project in order to prevent further damage; immediate water extraction, climate control, drying, and further site stabilization.
  • Hurricane Harvey Office Flooding
    Hurricane Harvey Office Flooding
    Real Estate client location was inundated with 4 feet of water following Hurricane Harvey. Client risked losing tenants and future revenue if restoration deadlines were not met. SRM provided preliminary damage assessment of property before water had receded and detailed restoration plan that included security, temporary power, climate control, drying, sanitizing and reconstruction. As soon as was feasibly possible SRM executed the agreed upon strategy and beat the deadline by six weeks enabling all of the affected tenants to move back into their offices ahead of schedule.
  • Senior Living/Hurricane Damage
    Senior Living/Hurricane Damage
    160 acre assisted living facility with over 30 buildings affected by Hurricane Irma. As a result of having a pre-loss agreement in place with this client, SRM mobilized vast resources in anticipation of the storm making landfall. Once the storm passed, SRM followed closely behind placing 18 generators, over 2000 air movers and another 750 dehumidifiers on the property within hours. SRM quickly began debris removal, temporary roofing repairs, provided power and climate control to mitigate further damage and initiate the restoration process.
  • Cable USA
    Cable USA
    High tech cable manufacturing client had their south Florida facility compromised as a result of Hurricane Irma. SRM quickly assessed the situation, shoring up the damaged structure and mitigating the loss. Detail cleaning, recertification of the equipment and establishing a secondary area for manufacturing of product while the restoration process was still ongoing was critical to the overall success of this project and enabled the client to keep their largest defense contract post storm.
  • Calgary Stampede
    Calgary Stampede
    Rains combined with snow melt caused catastrophic flooding to multiple buildings and facilities across the 20-acre rodeo arena just eight days before their annual Calgary Stampede Festival. The water was about three meters deep in the rodeo infield and could be seen lapping at the top of the barns. Contaminated sludge left by flooding was up to a meter deep in some areas. The Saddledome was flooded up to the eighth row of seats.
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