Restoring the Learning Process

When dealing with disasters in educational facilities, speed and agility are of the utmost importance. Recovery times that reach into days and weeks may seriously cripple your school and severely impact staff and students. At SRM, we are dedicated to getting students back into a safe environment quickly with as little impact on their learning as possible.

Knowledgeable Experts

To ensure that the learning continues, SRM provides critical services to educational facilities that range from digital document recovery to cleaning, drying and arranging for portable classrooms. In some cases our expert assistance can keep students learning and engaged even while restoration is taking place. Whether a fire, flood, or other disaster causes damage to your facility’s electronic resources, furnishings, documents or structures, we are ready to help.

Case Study

Iowa State University of Science and Technology: Iowa State University relied on SRM's emergency recovery services to restore 52 buildings affected by a catastrophic flood just before the fall semester began.