Preparing Your Commercial Facility for Storms and Hurricane Season

Storm Damage & CAT Restoration
Author: Michael Ganda

On May 9th, 2021 the first named tropical storm of the Pacific Hurricane Season formed off the coast of Mexico. This marked an early arrival of the hurricane season which formally began May 15th in the Pacific Region and begins June 1st in the Atlantic Region. While the Atlantic region has yet to have a named storm, there is a 90% chance a current disturbance will result in the first named storm of the season. The Atlantic region has experienced a named storm prior to the official start of hurricane season the last six years in a row.

It is important to make sure your commercial property is prepared for any hurricane or storm activity. Proper disaster preparation accomplishes three crucial tasks; first, it helps prevent or limit future damage, second it establishes a plan to recover quickly and efficiently if damage does occur and lastly, it allows facilities and organizations to plan and negotiate service rates under optimal conditions. The worst time for companies to negotiate rates is when their building has three feet of standing water.

We have put together a short list of items to help best prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

1. Evaluate your contingency plan and make sure it is up to date given the circumstances surrounding the global pandemic.

2. Review and understand your property’s insurance coverage including deductibles.

3. Compile an emergency contact list with 24-hour telephone numbers and email addresses for essential employees.

4. Identify vital records and make back-up copies. Store in a safe area within the facility or utilize a digital cloud-based recovery system.

5. Determine personnel responsible for maintaining the facility and ensure that they follow CDC recommendations for protecting themselves and others.

If you need help with these or any other pre-disaster preparation items, please give us a call. We have the resources and knowhow to help best prepare your company and facilities for possible storm and hurricane damage.