Responding to a Higher Calling

More than a building, a place of worship is a spiritual home and a community center for families, followers and congregations. At SRM, we understand the deep intrinsic value of your place of worship, and help you preserve that value. When disaster impacts a place of worship, SRM is ready to help with services that range from reconstruction of significant structural damage to sensitive restoration of documents, instruments, and furnishings.

A Unique Understanding

SRM has restored over 1,000 places of worship across the U.S and abroad. We understand the special circumstances of working with sensitive antiques, pipe organs, and historic structures and apply our expertise to ensure the job is done properly and promptly. Above all, our first priority is reclaiming your space so your congregation can come together again as quickly as possible, and return your place of worship to its community.

Case Study

Grace Episcopal Church: With the help of SRM, Grace Episcopal Church quickly reopened and resumed normal services after a massive fire consumed the Parish Hall Kitchen and sent heavy soot into every section of the 130 year old building.