Getting Facilities Back to Health

When healthcare facilities experience losses due to a disaster the complications are immense and the stakes are high. Lives are often held in the balance when medical equipment is made unavailable and patients as well as residents are displaced. With so much at stake, SRM responds fast to restore critical environments back to health. To minimize disruptions from fire, flood or other disasters we offer pre-loss planning to anticipate contingencies such as power, security, and patient relocation.

Assisting Those Who Need Help Most

Our disaster restoration and recovery management services have helped keep medical and assisted-living facilities open during some of the nation’s worst disasters. We are experienced with HIPPA laws and understand the importance of document restoration and electronic data retrieval and deeply respect our clients’ need for information security. With the goal of keeping facilities safe for staff, patients, and residents, we carefully maintain critical building functions and never compromise patient air quality.

Case Study

Biloxi Regional Medical Center: SRM provided Biloxi Regional Medical Center much-needed power, water, and sanitation services so the hospital remain operational in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.