The Washington D.C. Command Center

SRM is proud to serve the nation’s capital and the entire eastern seaboard from our Command Center in Washington, D.C. Home to the White House, the Pentagon and a myriad of historic monuments and structures, Washington D.C. is a national treasure that must be protected and preserved for all time.

Taking Pride in Preserving Our Nation’s Capital

It was from the Washington D.C. Command Center that SRM responded to help government entities and business alike recover from losses caused by fire, water, severe weather and more. Of particular note, SRM mobilized 240 employees to aid in the Pentagon recovery following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Expert Recovery Services, at Your Service

  • Quickly Secure Location
  • Provide Detailed Clean Up
  • Restore Valuable Data, Documents, and Equipment
  • Repair Structural Damage

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For more information about SRM and the disaster recovery services we provide, please contact us by calling 800-776-6710 (U.S) or +1-901-597-8167 (International) or by filling out the form below. We’d love to hear from you!