Rebuild with Confidence

Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes can happen with little warning, or even no warning at all. When your business lies directly in the path of the storm, damage may be unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. We’ll help you quickly recover and quickly rebuild your commercial operations to get your business back on track.

With you through every step in the restoration process

At SRM, we’re there for you in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, and we’ll be there with you when you reopen your doors for business. We rapidly mobilize our teams and resources to your site to provide damage assessments and set up temporary staging areas. In those areas, we begin restoring structures, furnishings, and contents such as hard drives and documents. We also restore the building environment itself by taking steps to mitigate mold that may have accumulated. Within four hours of your initial call, an SRM emergency mitigation crew is securing your site, handling initial repairs, and moving your critical assets safely off-site. Throughout every step in the process, you benefit from a customized recovery plan and dedicated project management team.

Report a Loss

Fill out the loss report below and we’ll respond to you soon. If you need immediate assistance, call 800-776-6710, or internationally at +1-901-597-8167 to talk to one of our disaster recovery experts.