Getting your building back to work

After a disaster strikes, returning your business to safe working order as soon as possible is job one. At SRM, we strive to make sure you can quickly return to operating business safely and securely. We leverage our expertise in building and site stabilization to address structural issues caused by the event, to help ensure the structural integrity of your building. We protect your equipment and documentation by moving it offsite. And, where possible, we provide temporary measures to get you back up and running while the restoration process takes place. From the interior of your location to your building’s exterior, SRM has the skills, resources and commitment to take care of it all.

SRM's Building and Site Stabilization services include:

  • Water mitigation, fire restoration, smoke restoration and odor control
  • Relocating important equipment and documentation safely off-­‐site
  • Implementing security from fencing to full service security
  • Emergency power and lighting
  • Providing temporary climate control including air conditioning or heating
  • Installing temporary roofing and tarps
  • Boarding up damaged windows or other breaches in the building’s exterior

Report a Loss

Fill out the loss report below and we’ll respond to you soon. If you need immediate assistance, call 800-776-6710, or internationally at +1-901-597-8167 to talk to one of our disaster recovery experts.