Assuring Work is Completed As Agreed

From start to finish, with SRM you know exactly what services we are providing you and where your costs stand. That’s why on every project we conduct an internal audit before we generate an invoice. Our internal auditing process is a group effort. Everyone involved in the project contributes, including the internal project coordinator, project managers, and all other management positions within the project.

Providing Greater Accountability

The audit is our internal verification of the work we conducted and our way of staying accountable to you. Both you and your SRM team receive a copy of the audit, so that both parties are on the same page. You will receive a Project Binder complete with the invoice and all other supporting documentation.

The Project Binder covers:

  • Equipment documentation
  • Equipment placement
  • Moisture readings
  • Photos
  • Labor notes
  • Permits
  • Contractual paperwork
  • Environmental reports and protocols

Report a Loss

Fill out the loss report below and we’ll respond to you soon. If you need immediate assistance, call 800-776-6710, or internationally at +1-901-597-8167 to talk to one of our disaster recovery experts.